Samples of artwork at the Elementary Level

Alyce Grunt, teacher

Sections of group mural made by a second grade class studying Wampanoags of Massachusetts

Kindergarten Snow Scenes:

Working from 'part to whole' by using simple shapes and assembling pieces into figures placed in snowy scenes.

Third grade portraits depicting famous African Americans in conjunction with their class history project.

Three-dimensional 'African Animals' projects by first graders.

Papier mache and other low-cost paper sculpture techniques provide opportunities to explore making art in three-dimensions.

Below: Common Warthog

Here, fourth graders created their own symmetry designs and then turned them in to painted paper quilts.

First Grade: Exploring Fall Landscapes (learning to mix colors, build from part to whole to create tree shapes, and use overlapping).

Fifth Grade 'Owl Study' drawings using oil pastels and photo references that they learned to proportionally enlarge.

Fifth grade 'Night Scenes' learning to use basic elements of 'atmospheric perspective' and overlapping to create illusion of depth.

Figures/portraits explored in three ways:

Above: Fifth graders learned to use rolled paper and assemble three-dimensional forms adopting characters of their choice.

Right: Second grade created self- portraits with pop-out details and patterned backgrounds.

Below: Third graders drew people using concept of 'overlapping' by adding in background details 'behind' the figures.