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Penn Wood High School

These pages will help students navigate materials relevant to my classes at  Penn Wood High School.  

I will attempt to upload copies of assignments, homework charts, project rubrics and student work.  By spending some time browsing these pages you will be able to see artwork done by students and hopefully become inspired by their work.   For students and families this is a great way to know about upcoming deadlines and special announcements like the Art Show and college visits to our school.

If you have work on this site and would like your name published with your work, please email me and let me know!

I can be reached at: agrunt@wpsd.k12.pa.us

Thank you!

Ms. Grunt

National Portfolio Day

This year’s announcements Philadelphia National Portfolio Day will take place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on Sunday, November 4th, 2018.  Review the ‘College Planning’ link above and research schools that will be present.  Lines can be very long so you’ll want to be sure you prioritize schools you are most curious about.   Details may be found here.


Congratulations to the following students!

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(if you're an alum and wish to share news please email me)

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Ms. Grunt Blog (may take a moment or two to load):

Click here if you'd like to learn about paintings Ms. Grunt made in and around Lansdowne during her 2016-2017 sabbatical.

Interested in how being an artist shapes my experience in the art room? Click here for an article I wrote for the Pennsylvania Art Education Association's newsletter.

Senior Exhibition Opportunity:

Attention Seniors:

2020 House Gallery in Lansdowne invites you to participate in their summer show.  

A gallery showing of graduating Penn Wood High School students exhibited in a white-wall gallery between June and July.

Students will arrange to deliver work after the High School Art Show comes down, and collect work within one week of the 20*20 House exhibits end. 


Timeline for participation:


-Applications accepted until May 15, 2019

-Student work selected by May 22, 2019

-Accepted students notified between May 22 and May 29

To apply, click here.