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Drawing Supplies (art supplies we often provide in class)

Painting Supplies (art supplies we often provide in class)

Turn It In

- Turn It In Directions

If you haven't done so yet, you can create your account here.  Your course code and password are located on your class syllabus, which is posted on your course page on this site.  Once you sign up you may follow directions to submit your writing assignments.

You may opt not to use TII but then you are responsible for submitting a printed assignment at the start of class on the date the work is due, exaclty like the policy for turning in homework.

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Course Selection Chart

Click here to download the Course Selection Chart

Scope and Sequence Page


Painting Perceptions

(featuring interviews with practicing artists)

Catch-Up Work  

Click here to download the Catch-up work page

National Art Honor Society

Click here for information about National Art Honor Society. NAHS is an after-school club- check out what we do!

Instructional Website with Video Demonstrations:

For students wanting to see more in-depth tutorials of drawing and painting techniques click here.

Elementary Artwork Samples

Click here to see sample art projects done with elementary-aged students.