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Intro Drawing Syllabus

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Project Rubrics

Project 1 (Hatch Mark Journal Cover)

Project 2 (Chiaroscuro Shape Study)

Project 3 (Chiaroscuro Still Life)

Project 4 (Facail Feature Proportion Drawing)

Project 5 (Light / Shadow Shapes)

Project 6 (Nose Study)

Project 7 (Mouth Study)

Project 8 (Eye Study)

Project 9 (Final Chiaroscuro Self Portrait)

Images for comparison paragraphs

Project 1 (N/A)

Project 2 (Modified Contour Drawing)

Project 3 (Chiaroscuro Collage)

Project 4 (Chiaroscruo Charcoal Still Life)

Project 5 (Chiaroscuro Self Portrait)

Course Overview

Credit 0.5 (semester course)

Grades: 10-12 (GAC)

Prerequisite: N/A

In this semester-long course, students will learn fundamental techniques to draw accurately from direct

observation. Topics cover a variety of subjects to draw ranging from the figure to self portraits and perspective.  Students will develop skills in drawing accuracy, proportion and shading.  Students learn to work with a variety of drawing materials including colored pencils, charcoal and drawing pencils.  This course is recommended for students interested in advancing to the Studio Level Portfolio Courses and/or planning to study art, fashion, or other design related field in a post-secondary setting.


Students are graded in three main areas; the first grade is based on daily workshop points.  Students earn daily credit for coming to class and using their time productively.  This grade reflects the effort to learn new skills, regardless of one’s ability in art.  Once they practice a new technique, students then undertake a major project to submit for a project grade.  Lastly, weekly homework is a necessary way to independently practice skills learned in class; these assignments total about an hour a week.

Marking Period grade determined by:

Daily Grade = 30%

Major Project Grades= 40%

Weekly Homework = 10%

Quarterly Assessment = 20%

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