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Ms Grunt's Advanced Placement Studio Art page

Penn Wood High School

Overview of AP course

Students enrolled in AP will have on-going work taking place both in class and independently.   The following include major components of the work students will need to undertake for success in the AP program.  It is important to keep in mind that participating in the advanced placement course will require an additional commitment of time and hard work.

Students will be required to create and submit all three sections of the AP portfolio- concentration, breadth and quality.  Each section must meet the guidelines outlined in the AP poster.  

The breadth section consists of 12 pieces that highlight a variety of approaches to drawing.  Work might include a variety of media, techniques, subject and supports.    

The concentration consists of an independent body of work that explores a topic in depth.  Students should plan to complete at least 12 pieces.   The work will certainly evolve during the process of creating each piece, and you will be asked to write about how your idea develops as work is collected throughout the year.   Through sketch book exploration and discussions with the teacher, students will select an idea early on in the school year that they begin to explore in independent work.  Shown above are samples from different students’ concentration sections.

The quality section of the exam consists of five actual pieces not to exceed 18 x 24” that will be sent for review.  These pieces may come from your breadth and concentration sections, though they may also be from other places.

More information may be found at the College Board’s web site:



Your course grade reflects not just completing each assignment, but your abilities in the following areas

Quality of work 20% How visually strong is the work?  How well are issues related to craftsmanship and composition addressed?

Evidence of idea development  20%  How evident is a clear and consistent idea presented in the work?  Does work show student depth of thought and idea development?

Progress shown  20%  Is substantial progress being made by given deadlines to develop a body of work to be submitted for the AP exam?

Daily studio grade  30%  How productive is student in studio environment, and how do they contribute to the care and maintenance of the space and materials?

Sketchbook 10%  Does student use sketchbook as a way to explore, experiment and develop ideas?  

AP Portfolio Samples


AP Portfolio Samples


AP Portfolio Samples


AP Portfolio Samples


AP Portfolio Samples


AP Portfolio Samples


AP Portfolio Samples


AP Portfolio Samples


AP Portfolio Samples


AP Portfolio Samples


AP Portfolio Samples


Below are samples from AP portfolios. Please follow each link to see more examples of a student's work. Also, please note: For my early AP students I was still required to take slides (!) and so have either no digital images or very few.  If you happen to be a former AP student and wish to send me digital images from your AP portfolio I would love to include them here.

AP Portfolio Samples


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