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Ken Robinson says the education system kills creativity.   What do you think is too often ignored in education?  What are the consequences?

Willard Wigan shares the pain of his childhood and how it shaped him into the artist he is today.  Can you think of something you have gone through that has made you stronger?

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1. Artist Sedrick Huckaby speaks about his work as it deals with family.  What subject would you consider depicting in your own family? How does he use both objects and people to do this? What objects would be important for you to include in your own depiction of family?

2. Sedrick talks about an 'Artist to Artist dialogue'.  What does he mean? If you were to create an artist to artist dialogue, how might you do that?

3. Impasto means using thick paint. Why do you think the artist chooses to paint using impasto?

4. In what ways do you think his work deals with the 99%?

5. Read this article from the New York Times. What is your reaction about an artist whose primary subject is the 99% and this student whom he tutored?